hi all,,dont wat happned my computer got so slow and my pc stucking eveytime so i format the pc and something virus came in ma pc and all drive name changed and cant opening and when i click the any drive> mesge came> open with>i tried many times to fix it even i run the scan disk too but failed,at last i formated,,but the problem is dat i hav 2 HDD in ma PC...there r my personal data in 2nd HDD..2nd HDD hav 2 partions ,i formated one but other i cant format mesge came>window was unable to complete format :(...and now i cant do again to make partion and do format again one by one....it will take 10 hours to do dat bcz installation windows and then softwares......ufff is there any software or method to fix this problem and everytime happned to my pc so is there any solution,,next time when prob come i will do very easy,,,,,,,,,,,please anybody help

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Well, every time I need to format a harddrive I install it on a PC as a master drive and use my XP intallation CD as if I'm going to install it on that drive.

Windows XP installation has a format HDD option and you do not need to install XP on it.

So, disconnect your master disk, and connect instead your slave drive as master. Turn on your PC with the XP installation CD in it and follow the on-screen instructions. When formating is done, uninstall your harddisk and reinstall it as slave.

Good luck.


hi yaadigi, you format using the windows explorer by choosing the drive and right click on it and choose the format options? or you tried formatting using the command line? if you are using Win XP you can format using the Computer Management found in Control Panel then go to Administrative Tools, if none of this methods works, then follow what Jimlaver suggested..

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