Hi there,

I've just set up a new wireless network in my new house with a BT Total Broadband homehub.
The network is up and running and I have 2 laptops connected and able to access the internet.
My desktop, however, is connected to the network but is unable to do anything that involves the internet.
I have disabled my NIS firewall to see if that is the problem and have compared the settings on my laptop to those on the desktop but I am still unable to access the internet. I did have a brief spell where I was able to browse the pages that link from my home page and log onto Windows Live Messenger but that has ceased to work now.


What about youre windows firewall.disable the windows firewall [temporary]
Then go to youre internet browser's tools> options> network settings/configurations and make it exactly the same as what youre other machines settings are.

It could also possibly be the config in your nic.... Could you please paste the output of ipconfig /all?

In case you aren't familiar with how to do that here is how:

1. Go to 'Start' > click on 'Run'. ( or in vista, hold the 'windows key' and press 'R')

2. type 'cmd' and click 'ok'.

3. Now type 'ipconfig /all' WITHOUT the quotes.... (there is a space between the ipconfig and the '/')

4. Now right click the title bar and select 'edit' > 'select all'.

5. The screen should change color, now press 'Enter'.

6. Paste the output into this thread.