Lately i've been getting error messages in my Internet Explorer windows. It only lets me go so far and then i'll get an error message no matter what im doing. The message usually reads:
"Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close" then I have to close all my windows and start over. At first I thought it was just the internet explorer but now my msn windows are starting to do it too. I thought maybe I have a virus or something and i've run virus scan a million times and restarted the computer twice as many times and nothing helps. I've been searching for a solution to the problem and I havent gotten one yet. can anyone help me?

Are you running windows 98?
See if you can go to windows update and get the latest service pack or fixes.

(suggestion)Man it wouldnt hurt to try another browser Netscape Mozilla. Microsoft has stated that they will be giving up on IE .But do what jjorgensen said to do first

Microsoft is giving up on IE for the Mac since Apple came out with their KHTML-based Safari browser. However, I doubt IE will leave the Windows platform.

Standalone version!:)

WOW good for you glad you understand

i downloaded all of the microsoft updates and it hasnt really changed anthing in a positive way. now my AIM is being an idiot. i can only be on AIM for a certain amount of time, usually anywhere from 2 mins to 2hours and then i get a message saying AIM has done an illegal action or whatever. its like all of a sudden one after one things are being stupid. :sad: i started using netscape last night, but the AIM on it keeps freezing up. im just getting fed up. does anyone else have any ways of how i can solve my problems?

Did we ever establish what the OS is?

hi guys i saw this thread because i too have been having some serious problemswith ie. os is w98se. a message box with "explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close" i uncheck the box which asks if you want to restart explorer and click close. it closes and then immediately comes back up again. i have tried to go into my computer to have a look and a fatal exception error screen comes up. this same screen comes up when i try to run my cd rom to reinstall windows. any ideas ??? thanks in advance

i know what cause in the error messages in internet explorer, is a proxy problem in the internet conecttion, to solve it ...go to .... there at that page download COMCAST DOCTOR 2.5 , once downloaded the program will look for internet proxy problems, and wallaaaaaaa internet explorer is back to life !

if you use PALTALK or any other chat place and your pictures are gone this operation will solve any other problems in your pc, dont look any futher , good luck and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL

Hello my name is Glenn Verdult.

I used to get this error message alot. Really helped. thanks

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