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specs: Maxtor diamond maxplus 16gb hd

bios wonte detect hard drive thus i cant format my disk as windows cannot find a hard drive. I have looked inside the comp and there are 4 SATA conection ports on the mobo, 2 two say above them sata raid 1+2 and the other two say sata 1+2. my hd is connected to sata raid 2.

any help would be greatly appreciated thanx

You need to give us more history on this problem in order for us to help you most quickly, as your post only tells us that you have a computer who's BIOS doesn't seem to recognize the drive. Give us specific background info on the problem.

My first guess would be that since you only have one drive, it should be on the first non-raid SATA connection. As I said though- you really do need to give us a better understanding of the entire situation; at this point we don't even know if the computer has ever worked in the first place...

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the computer runs fine i just want to know how to get the hd to be recognised so that when i do need to format i can

How many harddrive in the computer ?
if more than one how are the others pluged in ?
Motherboard Make ?
If computer works great why are you formating the Drive ?

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1 hard drive
Motherboard make ASUS A8V DELUXE
I want to rectify the problem so that if my computer does die i can reinstall windows and also i like to learn how to do thing with computers