this is ram

i have a problem with my dvd drive it is not reading my dvd's but it is reading my cd's i dont know what's the problem is plz help me out


Is it too obvious to ask,, do you have a CD drive or a DVD drive??

Try posting only one forum with all your probs......
Try to repair windows.......

To Repair Windows XP from your XP CD…..

1. Re-start PC with XP CD in drive (Have your serial number handy)
2. As your PC starts press “F12” for boot menu (Or what your PC may ask for)
3. Scroll to and select “boot from CD.”
4. At prompt “Press any key to boot from CD” Press “Any key”
5. In the Windows XP Setup window, Press “Enter” to set up windows XP, (Don’t worry, this is a repair only, not a fresh install.)
6. At next window, Press “F8” to accept license agreement
7. Wait until windows displays your current version of XP and asks “To repair the selected windows XP installation press R”
8. Press “R”
9. Enter serial number when prompted.
10. Wait for files to be copied (PC will indicate 39 mins, it will take a lot less.)
11. When asked to adjust Regional language options, click “Next” as it is still set.
12. PC will re-boot.
13. If you have AVG Free, copy serial number to a file as you will lose it on repair. After repair a window will pop up asking how you want to treat AVG, Click repair and when prompted enter serial number.

If bobs method of repairing windows fails.........

Try updating the firmware for your DVD drive. We will need some more infomation on the make and model of your drive. Please post the make and model of the drive and I am sure we can get this fixed.

Moser-bear DH-22A8P
type:DVD/CD-ROM drives

it worked perfect
but one fine day i installed game jackal and alcohol 120% and other such soft and after i created an iso image of 1 dvd(counter strike) is stopped reading dvd's.
when i put in cds it works stilll awesome,
but it does not display anything for dvd's.i have formated and reinstalled xp but it does no help.

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