Im at my buddies house and his keyboard randomly died....

the keyboard is 8 months old and it is used quite frequently..

I have tried uninstalling the drivers for the keyboard....but still have same problem....

The wierd part is...is that the "sleep" butoon on the keyboard still works....

You guys got any ideas?...(please dont say .."New Keyboard".....thast last resort...

And by the way...his computer is running vista 32 bit, and the mouse and keyboard are USB....

The mouse still works...

Let me know

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Have you disassembled the keyboard and blown out keyboard. Once you have the board open and the large chunks blownout, then check the membrane for spilled drinks and stuff, trying cleaning that. Reassemble and try again


So, none of the buttons work except the sleep key?

My suggestion: Try a standard keyboard. If your keyboard is USB, plug the standard keyboard into the same USB slot. If the keyboard works, try your programmable keyboard in another machine.

That will eliminate the keyboard and will also eliminate bad port as the problems.

That leaves only the software and drivers...

Depending on the manufacturer of the keyboard, you may be able to uninstall and remove any remaining folders / files that the keyboard installed. Then reboot, and try installing the keyboard again.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer install instructions. Sometimes you have to install the drivers before you plug the device in. So, uninstall the drivers while you are using another keyboard and reinstall before you plug your programmable keyboard back in.

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