Today when I got on my brothers laptop the screen was black... so i hard rebooted it and I got this message. "Ntfs.sys has been corrupted or is missing. You can insert the Windows Setup CD to fix the file". So, I inserted the first recovery disc and went about the business, I noticed that the screen that came up from the recovery disc was all weird and glitched. I have no idea why that was. I could still make out the numbers but everything was extremely low graphics and scattered. When it finishes, it says complete and then reboots my laptop. This does not fix the problem, however. I still get the message. I don't know what to do. I even tried using the WinXP disc that came with my desktop to see if I could recover the problem with that. Again, I failed. It says that there is a file error when it starts the windows screen (the blue one). I know that this disc works, because it does NOT give me the error when I tried booting from it with my desktop. I think this is in part with the laptop being an AVARETEC. I guess they don't allow any other windows discs used? I even tried calling their tech support. I won't go in to how much of a joke they are... but I am really, really, really sick in my stomach about this because it was my brothers laptop. One other thing I noticed was that the laptop was extremely HOT when i rebooted it. I don't know if this might have anything to do with it though. Please, if ANYONE knows a cure for this, let me know. I really, REALLY need to fix this :(

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Nope, it goes from the averatec BIOS/CMOS screen directly to the error..


Still a no go... anyone have any other recommendations?

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