Alright, I'll explain what's been happening. My friend is always going on about how his windows explorer is always freezing up, and he keeps having to restart his computer. He gave my a .mp3 song to listen to recently, but it never played, and it refreshed (perhaps rebooted) my explorer.exe. Just late this evening, my computer froze with 100% CPU usage. I tried closing some of the processes, but the CPU Usage remained at 100%. I then killed explorer.exe, and re-ran it through File -> New Task, but was still sitting frozen at 100%. My virus scanner is completely up-to-date, and it didn't detect anything upon execution. I'm going to do a spyware/malware check now, but I was wondering if anyone knew what was happening, and how to fix it.

After a reboot, all is well. But I don't know if it was a random CPU freeze I had, or something worse. Could this please be clarified?

Thanks for reading, and for any assistance!
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Well i would suggest you getting all the updates from microsoft, there had been a good amount of security updates for internet explorer, to help keep you safe.

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Reboot your system in safe mode (with networking enabled) and download AVG Free spyware/virus scanner. Sounds like a BHO problem I had in the past. If that doesn't work, download the evaluation version of Spyware Doctor to see if there's something it can dig up. ANOTHER option can be to go to the start menu>run>msconfig and go to the startup section. Let me know what it says if you need to

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