I've fought a long battle trying to solve this irritation and have given up. I thought I'd post here in hopes sombody would have an idea what's wrong. The problem is that I can't open some web pages, while others open with no problems. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to which ones won't open. Some examples are www.cinemark.com, personnel.ky.gov, and www.mccoyseminars.com. Now, here's the really funny part, the sites won't open using other browsers, either! I've tried Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, and Firefox, besides IE6. This makes me think it's a Windows problem. I was running Win98SE, and upgraded to XP last week in hopes it'd fix it, no such luck. Best I can recall, the problem started about the time I upgraded to IE6 from IE5.5. I've also tried completely uninstalling IE using software, and then reinstalling. Any suggestions are deeply appreciated. Thank you very much.

I was running Win98SE, and upgraded to XP last week ==upgrades are not recommended ,neve have been except by Microsoft.do a full install of XP ,you should be able to do this if you xp is a upgrade disk ,you will just need to insert the win98 disk when asked .!note you will loose everything so make backups of important things .
Also make sure you have the SP2 befor you go online to avoid getting known viruses.
download the full version here if you have a burner to copy it to disk and install it before you go online after install of XP