Hi i'm new! Got a problem that maybe someone can help me with. When XP starts it takes about 60seconds before I can run any programs. Any help would be great, this is a really annoying problem. My machine is almost new specs below - It is a fresh install of xp. I had xp installed on this computer previously, (did not have any problems) but it was time for a format. The only difference between the two installations is that I didn't have the two IDE drives installed before. I thought it might be a problem with the Windows xp cd so I tryed with another cd but the same results.

Gigabyte GA-7VT600
AMD Athlon XP 3200+
2 X Veritech 256 PC3200
1 X SATA 36Gb
1 X 120Gb IDE
1 X 20Gb IDE
2 X CD drive
350W PSU

Any help would be great, this is really frustrating, especially when I go to shut down immeadiately after windwos starts, I have to wait for about 60secs before the pc gets the message to shut off. :sad: :sad:

Not sure what the problem could be but, go to www.blackviper.com & you will find a lot of advice on how to tweak XP.

Thanks for the help guys! With a little help I managed to locate the problem. I disabled startup type in: (Right click my computer) manage / services and applications / services / workstation. Which fixed the problem - However I dont think I will be able to go onto a network with this setting disabled. So I put the setting back to Automatic. I thought if this is a network problem maybe its got something to do with my crossover cable being attached (As the network is not yet set up). Sure enough when I disconnected the crossover cable the problem is solved. In my mind I am thinking that the 60sec delay is the pc looking for a pc to network to & because the network is not set up it keeps searching before doing any other processes - (Just a theory please do correct me here). Does any one know if I have completely fixed the problem? I mean will I be able to hook up the network & not get the startup delay?

you could re-install your windows xp, or system restore back to when it was fine. Also you should have a antivirus installed on your computer if you already dont. That happened to my computer a while ago, it isnt fun,lol. I just went to task manager, and started a new task (startup). Then i re-installed xp and it fixed it fine. hope we helped, l8r