Perhaps you all can help me. Our computer took the wonderful opportunity of dumping our Nvidia graphics card and now we can't get it to work right again. We have it loaded, the system recognizes it, and our monitor is running off of it . . . but for some reason, it will not allow us to resize the screen. We are stuck on 640 x 480 pixels, and it is driving me nuts.

We run an old Gateway (yeah, yeah, I know, but the damn thing runs) with your standard Windows 98.

Perhaps you guys can give me some idea of what's wrong. I'm hoping here, because I'm at wits end.

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You need to install drivers fo it ,either from a disk that you may have or fro mdrivers optained for the manufactors web site.
What is the full name of the card

All the updated drivers for it are installed. We even went to the website and redownloaded and installed the updated ones just to be sure.

Nvidia GForce 4 is the graphics accelerator we're using.

OK.So when you ,right click on the desktop and go to properties/settings you cant change the settings for the card like to 32 bit or change the size to 800x600
And if yo uright click on mycomputer /properties /device manager .Display Adapters .it doesnt show any Yellor or Red of these ! or ?

Nope. None of the above. Everything 'appears' to be working fine. Screen runs great, the card is working . . . it just won't let us adjust it's size. It's very frustrating.

What monitor is installed? You may have to change that. (Windows keeps "profiles" for monitor types, running at incorrect resolutions is bad for them.)

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