I have a 1-Gighz Athlon Processor with 256Mb of SDRAM and a 58GB main HD and a 9.5GB secondary HD. Both are LBA, the main at 5 and the 2nd at 4.
The main is set at "Master" and the 2nd is set as "slave". I loaded Win98SE on the second HD (independent of the primary HD), then attached it to my computer. The Bios recognizes the 2nd, XP recognizes it as "D" drive, both are formatted as "FAT", but I can't access the drive to utilize software contained on it. How do I get access without unplugging my main HD?

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Thanks! I downloaded a quality boot manager and am now able to access my 2nd HD. I really appreciate the immeidate response! :p :cool: :cheesy: :D

glad to have helped .

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