:( well when i try to install game it says 16 bit windows subsystem
and the message it says is a file called AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications.Choose 'close' to terminate the application. the there are 2 buttons at the bottom close and Ignore (ignore dosn't do noting) I have windows xp home this problem occured after reformatting my computer

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OH ty!!!! you don't know how good you are ;) :cheesy: ;)

Oh ty!!! You don't know how good it feels to get a bit of feedback about the stuff you've put time into researching and writing!!:) :D

theres only one little problem i can't locate the file on the internet cdos i had to carry on

I'm unsure what you mean. the instructions given did not need any file to be located on the internet :confused:

well i try ... i load up the internet then make them files as it says but i save them and it say locate them and find %systemroot% or something like thatbut 1. i don't know where to save it and what format to save it as 2. where to find it and 3.is it note book or wordpad? pleaser anser your questions i will be very grateful ty!


I SOOOOOO just had a whole answer typed out, and then accidentally clicked a link and lost the bloody lot! :( Here goes again :rolleyes::twisted:

I've had a good look through the linked Knowledge Base article and I think I can see where your confusion is coming in.

%SYSTEMROOT% is a 'value' which stands for the Directory where Wndows is installed to on your system. With a default Windows installation, that will probably be:


but if you've installed Windows to a different drive, partition or folder it will be the location of the Directory where your Windows files are located.

Create the files in Notepad. Notepad creates simple text files, and that is what you need. Word Processors such as Wordpad add 'hidden' formatting codes to the file (unless you save it as a text file of course) and it wouldn't work. Type the text in the files EXACTLY as instructed to.

When you save the two files you've created, make sure that you type in the full filename and file extension. The file extension at the end will ensure that Windows will recognise the file for what it is. If you like, for safety's sake you can use 'Save as..' and choose 'All files' as the file type. Save the files to a folder of your choice. Make sure you choose a folder where you can easily find it again. I personally would use a suitable folder within 'My Documents' for the job.

The final part of the instructions simply tells you to use 'Copy' for the files you've created and stored, and then use 'Paste' to place copies of them into the 'System32' folder you'll find inside your Windows Folder.

Hope that makes it clearer.

Well youve made that just alot clearer thanks! :p :cheesy: ;) sorry for being a pain lol :sad: thanks again :cheesy: ;) :D

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