there are some .gif file like 1.gif 2.gif n soon which lie on temporary file and which is creating some problem in system....it is sometime also present in processes....can anyone please tell me how to get rid from that file and can anyone tell me the solution of shutdown virus...please help me ...

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I had the shutdown virus with bsod on my laptop (Windows 2000).. It was hard to get rid of, but this worked for me! I tried starting my pc, but of course it looks like its loading like normal but it isn't. It had a shutdown restart virus and I didn't want to do any hard mods. So, I quickly go to the safe mode selection mode by selecting F8. Then, I select VRA debugging mode and it looks like it freezes on a blank blue screen. Well, I left the comp for about 2 hours. I came back, saw it was still on a blue screen. Restarted the pc again, and ta daaaa! It displayed the startup screen like normal again. Well, then to prevent any type of further damage I downloaded avast! That program is great. It actually detected about 6 different malware programs! I guess the trick to the bsod is that it makes it look like debugging mode is not working, when in fact it is! That's why the blue screen freezes at debugging, so you don't know its working! Pretty diabolical, I can tell you. But this fix worked for me!

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