i have a computer with window xp and i forgot my password for the user name and there is a password for adminstrator i tryed going to safe mode since i have a password on my administrator i cant logon any way at all and there is no any other accounts on it can someone help me and if you tell me use a password rester program for it it has to be on a usb drive not for cd or floppy becasue they don't work

Google = Resultang 1 - 10 sa halos 417,000 para sa xp password recovery help . (0.20 segundo) Try it!!!!

Administrator password is usually left blank, for situations like this.so going through safe mode and leaving the password blank might give you access. There is a program that someone suggested on this forum but I wont reccomend it untill I tried it. You can also, alternatively backup all the data one from that hard drive by making the drive a secondary drive in another machine. Than Run a windows repair(wont delete data) witch will ask you to give a admin password and new user name.