Hi guys.. I have this really weird problem. I am using Acer Aspire 4310. Whenever I play movies or audio, the volume is very low even on the highest settings. I even checked the audio settings in the control panel and everything was in its highest settings. When I restart the system, the volume goes back to normal. But the problem occurs again and again. How can I resolve this?

Just a quick attempt....do you have an outside audio control button on you computer?? People sometimes overlook it!!!

yeah sort of.. but it just changes window's audio volume, not the hardware itself, if that's what you mean..

do you have the current drivers downloaded for your audio package?? If the software is changing the settings, maybe try updating or redownloading them.......just another idea to try!! Good luck!

hi, i find laptop sound never gets all that high anyway !
In my desktop computer i have a soundblaser Audigy card ,volum was really low ,i check and turned all windows audo device settings to the max ,still low ,then i found a soundblaster mixer in the control panel and walla ,it was turned down in there and when i turned it up! WAM!!!
maybe you have good quality sound device in the laptop and it has a mixer in control panel too

Solution for Linpus on Acer Aspire One (may work on other Linux distros)

First you need to get a command prompt, on the Files section, start up My Documents, then on the file menu of My Documents, choose terminal.
Now you have your command window, type alsamixer which should start the crude/raw device controller.
Hit f5 so that the view goes to all i.e. View: Playback Capture [All]
Set Master and PCM to their maximum setting (use up arrow to increase and tab to jump from <Master> to <PCM>
Hit esc key to exit
Type sudo alsactl store (then return of course)
You should get a 100% volume increase.