I'm having a problem installing windows XP 64 edition on my computer. i get it to boot screen where you press any key to boot from cd and i hit any key, and then it starts up but and goes for a little bit and then the cd stops reading in the drive i have tried 3 different cd and no luck on any all the same problem. any ideas??? im running an AMD athlon 64 X2 duel core 4200+ and ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe ATX AMD Motherboard with 1 WD 80gig sata

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Probably have configuration settings in BIOS incorrect.
You can try disabling ACPI, setting your HD to IDE, set Plug and Play OS to "No"...

Where does it get stuck at exactly? What is the last file that loads before the install stops?

it gets stuck on kernel debug dll and acpi plug & play bus driver

you have tried 3 different Cd's?

ya two were bootleg copy's and then i went out and got the os from newegg. no luck i have no idea whats wrong

are you trying to do a fresh install? if so how about re-making the partitions in the install

I've had a similar problem when trying to install after a linux installation where the install froze at loading module

im running xp 32 right now and im trying to install over it.

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