Sorry for the lack of technical information here, but my computer will not start due to one of vista's many mysterious buttons. While testing my new microphone, the outbound was too low. Having experienced this problem before, I decided to reboot the computer. When you initially click the "start" tab, there is an orange tab with what looks like a power symbol. I clicked the tab and now my computer will not restart. I have tried restarting it in everyway possible. The problem has occured before, which i decided was a graphics card problem, but when i attached another moniter the problem ended. I have tried everything that has seemingly worked for me in the past and am out of options. Please input some tips on ways i can restart my computer! All I can do is hit the power button, which will not even turn on the monitor.

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When you initially click the "start" tab, there is an orange tab with what looks like a power symbol.

This is either 'Hibernate' or 'Sleep'

Hibernate: Saves what is in the RAM to the HDD and turns off the computer
Press the power button to turn it back on and resume your session
Still consumes power

Sleep: Leaves the Computer the way it is but turns it off
Press the space bar or enter key or power button to turn it back on
Still consumes quiet a bit of power but not as much as it actually being on

You change what that button in the start menu does
you can set it to sleep, hibernate, or shut off

Classic view
Go to the control panel
Go into Power Options
Pick one, go to Choose when to turn off the display, Change when the computer sleeps, or Adjust the display brightness
They all go to the same place for some reason
Then go to Change advanced power settings
Go down to Power buttons and lid
Expand that option and then go to Start menu power button
Expand that also and change the setting to either sleep, hibernate, or shut down

If these are any different it would probably be because I have a laptop

If I'm totally off subject let me know


When all else fails, disconnect all power sources for at least 5 minutes. This allows all remaining power to drain. Then restart your computer. See if this helps.

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