I have a project to download W2KSP4, MS03-040 through MS03-045, and IE 6 complete (not express). I am having a hard time finding IE 6 full install. I have only found the express install. We (Cardnal Health) are making a CD with all the files to send out to the Pharmacies, with instructions to run the batch file(s) on the CD. I'm down to the last file (IE6) but have not had any success. Any help would be appreciated.

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Much Love to )BIG"B"Affleck
That did it man.


Thanks for the props bra.....Im still going to bug my system admin buds for more info just because they all owe me one.

well that worked perfect (first link, didnt even need to try the second one), Thanks again

your welcome

used your method and it worked great
have spent quite a bit of time looking for this answer
thanks from tulsa oklahoma

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