I have read a few of the other posts regarding not being able to reply in their hotmail accounts after "the change" that happed around November-December...and I had that same problem: the problem was "blank"messages were being sent even though the "text box" had a message in it. That problem is solved....was a hotmail problem exclusively.

NOW I am having a similar problem that did not show up until after a complete reboot took place. The problem is, when I try to compose or reply to a messsage, the "cursor" does not show up in the text box at all! With the other problem, it let you compose but it didn't send...NOW it does not let me type anything at all, although everything else, like the "smiley faces, tools, etc. bar" is there.

I AM able to receive messages, read them, AND reply, but I can only type in the subject area.

Any help would be appreciated. It may be a coincidence that I just rebooted my computer, but I'm not sure. I am going to try to access my email from another computer at work to see.

I am running windows XP at my home.

Hi, I know this is an old post, but I am experiencing similar problems and no one seems to be able to help!

I recently bought a new computer (HP a520n) which came with XP already installed. I was able to send and reply with both my yahoo and hotmail accounts Then, one random day I was no longer able to. The cursor could not show in the text box for composing or replying. I can still read my emails but cannot reply or compose--this just happened out of nowhere!!!

What in the world could this possibly be? I'm very frustrated as I use my computer by night for work.

Please help, I need a solution.

Found a fix! i was having the same problem and found that after logging into yahoo and checking my mail preferences- under composing emails I had send as colors and graphics checked...after changing it to send as plain text I was able to type again! hope this helps!

need help --I have a problem while composing a message in hotmail: the problem is , i could not able to see cursor while composing .blankmessages were being sent even though the text box had a message in it.

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