Hi, I got a client who have 3 servers, running Windows 2003 server Standard R2.

In the last 3 days, one of them (TS= Terminal Server) has restarted by itself, with an event saying "Unexpected shutdown" and as always, there is not much in this event, not even a code to help me figure out why it reboot like that.

I recently upgraded that server (CPU, MB, RAM, Tower) I just keep the original SCSI card and hard drives.

The hard drives are configured as RAID 1.

I don't know where to start, if someone knows, how to fix this, please help.

Thx a lot.

Is it up to date with patches?

You could try disabling automatic reboot. That way it will show you a BSOD with an error code which we could investigate further...

NOT A GOOD IDEA if the server is very important to your client as it will need to be manually rebooted - if it sits there for a day with a BSOD on it it is not much use.

Yes it is up to date, my client just did some Windows Updates and I think it's since then he is having this problem.

Well, yeah this server is very important, so I can't do that, except on week-ends.

Are you aware of any issues with some latest updates?

That wouldn't surprise me, with Microsoft, they always give you some bad updates sometimes!

Thx for you help

personally i think its either:

bad ram
bad driver

How are the temps?