i've been having this problem for some time now, when i change the main sound volume using the volume control in the bottom right of my screen, the computer makes a noise.
it's quite loud and anoying
anyone have any idea what it could be?

Is this an onboard sound system or a plug in card...

Have you deleted and reinstalled the drivers...

on board sound system?
i have a creative sound card in there.
i have tried re-instaling the drivers.
could it be the other small speaker inside?
i heard that some computers have smaller speakers inside, like on the main board or something,

I have no windows sound scheme set and I just checked mine and it makes a beep from the computer case internal speaker ,that may well be you noise.

I just set a windows sound scheme and the beep from the case speaker goes away !!

i checked it out, it was the Default Beep setting that needed to be set.
i don't like having windows sounds because their not great.
so i jus set the most descrete sound for "default beep" seems to be ok now,
thanks for the help

Glad to have helped .

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