I have read some threads from other gamers here about their CPU usage being 100% maxed most of the time. Mostly I have come across this being the result of other programs like svchost.exe or virus/trojans etc that they say is the culprit, but what if the culprit is the game itself that I play? What can be done here? I am running a 1.4 Ghz processor and have 512mb of DDR RAM installed. In my task manager I get mostly 2, 3, 8 cpu usage except when I run the game and the game pegs my cpu at 100%. I will say right now that I am not the most tech savvy person on the planet but when something is wrong I tend to read posts like this one and troubleshoot myself so I can learn more (knowledge is empowerment). I know I dont have any viruses (I keep my virus software updated) but I am not sure if I need to update any specific drivers on my system. I run XP and do believe I have installed the SP2. If you need any more info on my comp to help me troubleshoot this issue more pls let me know. I look forward to your inputs on this issue.

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I have Symantec's Norton Antivirus 2004 with the latest virus definition updates and is set to run an automatic full system scan once a week and has been done this week and didnt find anything. While you might be correct and I might still have a virus (since software is only as good as the last virus that was created) I feel I am doing all that I can in order to protect myself against this particular threat. I still dont know what kind of virus (if any at all) could be making my game peg my CPU at 100%. I know for sure that from looking at my task manager that it is only my games .exe that is pegged at 100% and not the other systems and programs within task manager that happen to be running at the same time. All other programs show a cpu usage in the low single digit percentage range (like 2-3 to 8). Pls dont take offense to my questioning the virus issue. I may just simply not understand what I am missing in that respect. I hope this info gives you a little more to work with in helping me with my issue. All ideas and opinions are valued.

Thanks again.

my suggestion is for you to move to the ,Spyware /virus section of the fourm and post a hijackthis log just so we can have a look at what running on you machine .
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