hya, i ave just bought a laptop centrino 1.6 ghz, 512 RAM which is sony.since i first loaded the machine(win XP preloaded) the machine takes ages to load
i have set the machine in such a way that every programs that are opening , a noice is heard. and i heard lots of noices. i went to startup program and disable loads of program which are not necessary to load when the machine is switch on.
but still my machine takes long to load, please help.
thank you very :cry: :cry: ymuch

On system startup you should only have programs that are necesary (maybe 2 or 3 at most) otherwise your PC is bound to take ages to load.

If you know your way around the registry you'l need to delete the entries which load up the programs at startup.

To do this go to: start > run > type in "regedit" > expand the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" tab > Expand "software" tab > Expand "Microsoft" tab > Expand "Windows tab" > Expand "current version" tab > click on "run" you should see a list of startup programs there. For the unnecesary ones right click and click delete. Warning: Don't delete anything you don't understand what it is.

Defragmenting the drive will help, although its a time consuming process. Run an antivirus scan and make sure you have the latest definitions, and run an adware scan also, making sure you also have the lastest updates likewise.

If the slowness still persists being unbearable It may be a time to reformat, and reinstall to clear out all the rubbish you have on your pc.


chess gazzaq, but i ave got 2 things to ask.
1. wht are the name of the files that must be in the startup.
2. my laptop is brand new, so there is not a lot of rubbish
why is it still slow

Hya I Have Gone To The Registry, But There Is Only One File Which Is The Messenger Which Is There.
Pls Help :!:

yah i got the ame issue

well my ister does she baught a laptop for uiversity its a toshiba satellite 3.06 ghz 512 ram 60 gig harddrive ati mobility radeon 9000 P4 system i belive the problem is the hard drive because theses most of theses laptops have a 5400rpm speed for the ard drive so that may be causing the dilemma m still doin research on whats wrng so if i find a solution il postit i have so far cleaned star up defreagmented an almsot eveythign posible i know alot about comps but this problem crewing with y head

You may try a program that will control windows startup. With all due respect to the others messing with the registry is a bad idea in my humble oppinion. For example system mechanic 5 has a program that will let you see and control what programs start when windows start. There is a 30 free trial of it at www.zdnet.com. Or downloads.com. Im sure there are other programs that do the same. System mechanic is the only one I use. I would suggest using a program instead of messing with the registry. Just my humble oppinion. Best of luck.......peace......im out

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