My recycle bin no longer appears on my desktop, and when I searched for "recycle", the only thing that turned up was the recycle bin help file. Everything that I find pertaining to recycle bin changes starts with "right click the recycle bin..." - which, of course, I can't do since it disappeared! Help!

Backup all your data and reinstall Windows. After that I'm sure you will see the Recycle Bin again.

What OS are you using? If available, you can try System Restore, or you could try doing a 'Repair' installation.

First try this.

Right click on your desktop and ensure that in "Arrange icons by" there is a tick next to "show desktop icons"

Hope you read this in time

This article should help you out.;en-us;810869

:eek: before going to that website full of technical stuffs, try my easy steps first. If it doesn't work, then try those on microsoft's website. :mrgreen:

1. Right click on anywhere your desktop
2. Select Properties
3. Click on the Desktop tab
4. Click on the Customize Desktop... button
5. In the General tab, click the Restore Default button.
6. If you don't have My Computer, My Documents, My Network Places and Internet Explorer, then you can remove it again yourself by unchecking the boxes.
7. Click on OK button

Is everything OK now? Hehehe. Hope you don't have to read through all those technical stuff in micrsoft's website. :rolleyes:

All suggested methods followed (excepting reinstallation of Windows) but the problem remained unchanged, i.e., no Recycle Bin icons

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