On some web pages, where there should be a graphic, there is a box with a red x in it, or sometimes three coloured triangles. What is this? Why does the graphics not appear? I am on XP 2. Thanks in advance for any help, Tez

The most common cause of the red "x" is a broken or malfunctioning link. Bad codeing is the most likely culprit and the errors are not on your end.

It could also be the page requires a third party application like Java Sun.

Can you post a link to a page that does not display properly?


You can right click the red "x" area and click properties. This will display the URL of the link and also give you the file extension. Copy and paste the url in your browser address bar and see where it takes you.

vhex hit it on the head, the picture was been removed from the site. If you right click on the X and select properties, you will get the following information.