Well, I don't know if this is a computer issue--because I doubt it is. Yet I do not know if it is a Vista issue. I have Windows Vista 32 Home Premium, and here's the thing. My computer will take a long time to load web pages--but that's not the issue. The issue is, when the pages load--the sound card seems to be messed up. Such as:

1. Load daniweb.com > Song will begin to "buffer" and "skip" or just sound awkward in general, skip portions, become

However, to solve it I just go to:

2. Device Manager > Disable High Definition Audio > Enable High Definition Audio > Restart

Everything is fixed. So I can go to youtube, and then play videos and it works for, maybe, a day and then it happens again. Is there anything I can do to fix this besides continually do "2" over and over again? Also--if anyone tells me to "Format" I'm telling them now "No" will be the answer.

So--is it with the computer, or with Windows Vista?

could be a high def audio drive issue ,did you check website of the computer maker and try downloading and reinstalling the audio drivers

Yup, I've uninstalled and reinstalled before. Happens after a while. It's like, the buffer reaches its max limit or something, it will work for a while, then it will just stop working well.

didn't know there was a song when daniweb.com was loading .i don't hear any
also after reading 1st post agin .you may be having a internet connection/bandwith problem,you do have high speed internet and not dialup right !

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