Anybody got a good media software for this set up
-XP home (I know it is my first problem)
-LAN with 1tb of storage
-1536 mb ram
-2x200 hard drives
-128 mb ATI video w/s-video out, VGA, and DVI
-Tv tuner ATI
-15'' LCD touch screen (VGA)
-20.1'' LCD Viewsonic VP201b (DVI)
-30'' (S-video)
- X-10 USB interface with lightingundefinedundefined
-no money to spend on software
I want to make my desk top into a media center. I have lots of mp3 and moves on my server and want to use a remote or touchscreen to control it. I wnat to use something like media center but I do not want to buy a whole new system any Ideas that you have are welcome, and the cheaper they are the better. If I put anymore money into it, it will have to take out a new Thank you

I guess I'm a little confused. Doesn't the hardware (i.e. ATi All-in-Wonder, etc.) provide their own proprietary software? Are you looking for an all-in-one solution? What about one of those computer remote controls?

that was the toy I was going to buy. I did not know if there was a better remote out there. I wanted to get some mean software to run it. Most of the remotes I have used just work half of the time. I need something that will use the network to the fullest extent... Thank you.