instruction at "ox77e7a5cd" or referenced memory at "0x01145z5c" or the other one memory could not be "written"


This can very well be anything, and possibly a result of another error somewhere in the computer. If you specify the following, it may give some of us a better idea of where it stands, such as:

1) What were you doing when this error occured?

2) A few specifications about the PC...


The more detail you provide, the better we can facilitate your request.

Dear pcpalct,
I am experiencing this problem on my laptop using Windows XP Home Edition. It happens only when I am opening an existing Quattro file on the computer or from another computer (Windows 98). It has never happened on the Win98 computer.
After getting the error message, I can click on "OK" and then proceed with no further difficulties.
I hope this is enough information.


Though I don't want to mislead you, maybe a clean re-installation of the application might help :idea:

I think it might just be something didn't register right or might have gotten modified in the mean time since you installed the application originally. Check that possibility out.

Other than that, Corel's support doesn't acknowledge that particular memory sector error. :sad: