i was wondering if there is a way to put a rules wizard into a logon script so a rule created by one person can be pushed to everyone over the network. everybody is running w2k pro on their desktops, we are running w2k server on all our servers with exchange 2k on our mail server. and everyone is running outlook 2k.

i just created a rule in my rules wizard in outlook and exported it to my local drive. is there a way to push that rule to everyone over the network so it auto populates their rules wizard in outlook and go into effect when it gets pushed? we just want to be able to have a certain confirmation email move to a public folder instead of clogging up their inbox all the time. please let me know if this is possible or if there are any work-arounds. thanks guys!

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or maybe i should re-word my question a bit, if there isnt a way to add a rules wizard in scripts, does anyone know where the reg keys would be located for me to copy and add to the scripts?

If you are running Server 2000 or 2003 it is pretty easy to push down registry settings.

yea, i can definitely add registry keys to a script to push over the network, i just need to know where the reg keys for rules wizard are located. if anyone knows where they are, and if there is one registry key that includes all the rules or if each rule that has been added has its own reg key, that would be much help...thanks.

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