Yes, another satisfied customer! :D

I'd love to see a hacker get into a machine with 0 services running and 0 ports open. I think I can hear them crying right now! :D

Share the wealth with another!


fish did you download the removal tool and
is blaster still in your manager?

ok, sorry I was gone for a few days..

ok I ran the fixblast thing, blast isnt in my manager anymore.

Ok, I canceled a few things from starting with that "codestuff starter"...
The difference is unbelievable. even when I logged on to an account, it took like 2 minutes... I guess It was starting all those things.

ok, snowman, it said your thing was succesfuly put into the registry. Can I ask exactly what kind of useless services it stops from automaticly running?

Well, just by examining the registry entry (the tail end of them) you can see which services are being disabled. Too many for me to name here, but some of them present true security threats. Aka, RPC, Netbios, etc...

Tell you what, go to the command prompt and type "netstat -an"

Tell us what you see, there should be a lot less ports open/listening on your computer. This is a good thing, you might not understand that fully yet, but you will as time goes on.

I'm glad you were willing to trust the advice I was giving you. You might want to bookmark this thread for future reference.

If I'm guessing correctly there should either be none, or port 1025 UDP. <-- I hate this port, sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn't. It used to never show up after doing my tweaks, but now it just wont go away, so I have it blocked at the firewall.

Just an update for you caperjack, I ran TcpView (I typically only used Active-Ports) and I noticed that Sygate Pro was actually holding port 1025 open. As soon as I exited the firewall the port disappeared. Go figure!

Active-Ports is ok, Fport is better, but TcpView is the best in my opinion!

I have since switched firewalls.

I'm now back to my preferred state thankfully:

in my process list i have 5 of the same processes....??? svchost.exe if anyone could tell me what they are for thatd be great

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