When closing Firefox, the firefox.exe process keeps running and cannot be terminated (have tried task manager).

When attempt is made to restart firefox, get msg that "firefox is still running and must be closed to start a new session". The only way to restart firefox is to do a reboot.

I checked many firefox and vista forums and there are hundreds of reports of this problem, with no solutions.

Happens with all the 3.x versions of firefox, including 3.1 beta.

Any suggestions ?


The following is from Firefox's knowledge base:

If Firefox processes that remain in memory at exit are a recurring problem, try these solutions:

* Problematic extensions, including AVG Safe Search, PicLens, and Skype Extension for Firefox, can cause the problem, which can be fixed by disabling or uninstalling the extension. See Troubleshooting extensions and themes for more information.

* Sometimes Java applets can cause the Firefox process to persist after exit. Try updating Java to the latest version or, if you don't need Java, disable the Java plugin by clearing the "Enable Java" checkbox in Firefox (see Using the Java plugin with Firefox for details).


* Using certain Internet security software is reported to cause the issue on some systems:
o If you use ZoneAlarm on Windows Vista, uninstall it and use another firewall product (or use the Windows Firewall).
o If you use Avast! Antivirus, switch to another antivirus product if you also have ZoneAlarm installed.
o If you use Norton 360 2.0, make sure that you have all available Norton updates (for more help, contact Norton Support) and that you have followed the instructions in the Configuring Norton 360 article.

Thanks for the response. I do use zone alarm and prefer to continue.

The problem does not occur when using xp, on on vista laptop which would indicate problem is with Vista.


The only time i ever get it was when using ABP and it happens to me on both XP and Vista but if i wait a few mins it is fine again.

To all:

Thanks for the responses.

I think the problem is with Vista and since IE works ok I'll use it as my default browser.


I use Firefox, and that used to Bother ME.
Solution: Upate to the latest Firefox. I think they got it fixed!

I have the latest version of Firefox and I've also tried the 3.1 Beta version, same results.


Thanks for the response. I do use zone alarm and prefer to continue.

The problem does not occur when using xp, on on vista laptop which would indicate problem is with Vista.


ok, so you use zone alarm and wish to continue!
what about the extensions and java mentioned it post #2.
have you tried disabling them

I have not disabled extensions or java. If I have to eliminate half of the reasons I switched to Firefox I'd just as soon switch browsers.

I really think the problem could be in Vista OR in Firefox, probably Vista. Rather than get involved in a finger-pointing contest between the two, I'd rather switch than fight.

Thanks to all,

Its a firefox bug because you get it in ubuntu too

However you only get it in that case if you open a new firefox very close after closing one.

Why this thread marked as solved ?
Let me give a suggestion.
I also use Vista Ultimate, and Firefox 3.0.3 version. It's just perfect.
Why don't you try it out..? Better than go out and use IE.
I also has Java Ver 6 update 7, my net is even the best slow.


No switch, Go to help-->check for updates
I use 3.04 and have no problem. I wont advice you to jump into beta version unless you want to test. It is bad idea

I use Vista Home Premium.

I've tried all the 3.x versions of Firefox and the problem occurs with all of them, including the beta and Minefield versions.

I usually try all the beta versions (have been doing so for years).

I appreciate all of everyone's suggestions but I think this problem will be only resolved with a fix from Microsoft or Mozilla. I won't hold my breath.


Though solved, I assure you it is not zonealarm faulty. I used it alot before switch to comodo, and no problem