Hi all,

I'm using an HP G6000 notebook which I've had for a year, trying to connect through a D-link ADSL router and a Linksys wireless G broadband router. I've had the computer for a year and generally it works fine. The problem is I've moved house and the ADSL router and wireless router are new and it will only connect as Local Only. This happens with the wireless and connected directly with a cable to the ADSL. My friends computer, with XP, works fine on the same system but I get error message:

Cannot communicate with DNS server ( Network diagnostic pinged the remote host but did not recieve a reply.

The repair function resets the network adaptor but this doesn't help.

unfortunately can't cut and paste the IP config because I can't connect to the internet to send it! But can give specific info from it if asked if that helps.

One thing that might be important, when I first set up the wireless router it did connect, but the first time i turned the computer off and back on it didn't connect and hasn't done so since.

Any help would be great,


to be honest i really dont get wat you tryin to tell??

this is wat i get from ur description

you moved to a new house and hav new adsl and new router
wen you try to connect to internet or local area you cannot connect( i guess this wat i get)

try to flush the DNS

to do this type in command logged as admin
ipconfig /flushdns

then try to check wether you can ping to any site such as yahoo or google

hope this helps