Hi everyone...wondering if anyone has suggestions on what to do. So a week ago AVG deleted my user32.dll file which made windows just reboot eternally. Got the fix off the avg support site and ran it. Says that it fixed it. Went to reboot and now windows won't boot at all....I don't even see their LOGO. I tried booting from windows xp and doing repair console... tried a whole bunch of different things that I saw on the internet (like copying boot files....) but nothing seems to work. My Windows XP CD does not have have a repair install option...it seem to just ask me to choose which partition I want to install windows to.... I've spent hours and hours trying to figure it out

if its an OEM disk it wont have a repair option

run a program called Nlite on the disk on another PC. Under the "unnatended install" page theres a combo box which you can change from whatever it is set to (HIDE PAGES i think is the default) to PROMPT REPAIR.

Repair installs are almost certainly guaraunteed to break your system though, although it should let you be able to get into it to get your stuff off in preperation for a full reinstall.

5 Days ago, the same thing happened with the laptop. After AVG done an update, it wanted a restart, and went into the now famous loop.

I was able to do a repair install as that or a clean install is all that help for this endless loop problem.

What concerns me, is the fact that AVG was the culprit this time.

I whish I can get away from windows for ever. I installed ubuntu two days ago on an old desktop, and wow!! If it was not that my job require some windows only software, I would have kicked windows for linux only.

Thanks! I am right now creating a BART PE disk so I can try to save some stuff and then will try a re-install

Yeah its unfortunate that that happened to AVG

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