hey everyone i got a problem here .The problem had occured to me before this also but i got it removed somehow by using a patch released by Microsoft ...i suppose.But here it is creeping up with its ugly face again!!
It seems no less than those irritating commercial breaks during a TV serial!!!
OKAY...enough of crap .....straight away to the problem now......

I get this window flashed and it reads something like this.....

'LSA Shell Error ...some error at kernel...blah blah...'
Then after i click on DONT SEND the error report....it flashes me with a still smaller window(...more critical message this time!!!) ...and it says..

'System is shutting down due to some error'...and the countdown of 60 seconds begin!!!!!

One important thing is that this error pops up only when i enable the LAN/internet WITHOUT a Firewall.......WITH a Firewall though it doesnt show its ugly face......this is really bugging me to hell.....PLease Help !!!

- sandeep

You should be able to find The Some Error fix on the Microsoft site !!LOL
Really though we will need to know the actuall error in bot popups!1 I will AnyWay!

I forgot to tell that the same patch that worked last time isnt workig this time around.......after runnning the patch the comp is supposed to restart but it doesnt.

at that time run shutdown -a in Command prompt to abort the shutdown