I use windows xp home sp3. When I insert a cd into the drive it crashes and the screen says that it has protected the computer and I have to reboot. I look at the event viewer and it shows nothing. The device manager shows okay. My pc shows no virus and everything else works okay. Before this my router, D-Link dsl-534t, was fried. I don't know if this has anything to do with this or not. I am using an old backup router that at the moment works okay. I've not had any problems with the cd's before. I have no idea where to start to fix this. Any advice and instruction is appreciated.

uninstall the drive from device manger and reboot and let it reinstall the drive ,if still the same maybe you could check the cables on the driver or borrow another drive to see if it act the same way

that would be my first bet, too. try doing it without the router attached.

Thanks for the instructions. It WORKED! Thanks again.

That's great! Can you tell us what you tried so we know what fixed it?

I just uninstalled the driver in device manager, rebooted and it reinstalled the driver. Before this I disconnected my router and the cd crashed the same so it wasn't the router unless by disconnecting the router and reconnecting it caused something to change in the pc when the drive reinstalled. Other than that I have NO idea what actually happened. It just worked. Thanks.