We have WindowsXP,sp2. Last Sunday I ran SpySweeper 3.5. When it was done it said some items would be removed at restart. I restarted, came back later, clicked turn off and went to bed. My wife turned it on Monday and most everything she tried to open gave "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in Folder Options control panel".
You can open SystemSuite 5.0 from the taskbar, SBCYahoo DSL from the start menu and task manager with Ctrl+Alt+Del. You can open control panel and Folder Options is the only item which will open. You can open Programs and Adminisrative tools from Start Menu, but nothing inside them will open/run.
I went on net and found some freeware that said it could repair .exe problems but, when I tried to run any of them I got the same Error message.
Tried to repair from Windows cd. Didn't know what I was doing and what my books said to do didn't work. Booted with start-up floppy but when it got to disk#2, I got "file \ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded" & process terminated.
I'm just a 50 yr.old guy trying to keep his teen's machine
working. My books, Mircosoft & the Web haven't helped so far. If I don't fix this soon, my kids may burn me at the stake. Any pointers or suggestions might well save a life.
That you for your time, MikeAD.

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I tried start>run> sfc \scannow. Got 'windows cannot find sfc.scannow'.Make sure...retry. to search...etc. Could not find scannow in search.
Tried to install Recovery Console using start>run>d:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons. same 'file does not have prog. assoc.' error. Found winnt32.exe on winxp disk, clicked it and got same error box.
Have discovered that I can run all of my virus scans, on a folder or file if I right click on them. Can do several things if I do them from inside something else, but not from desktop, start menu or programs.
Microsoft help&support was no help or support. I've been at this all day and have gotten nowhere. If you or anyone has any suggestion I'm all eyes.
thanks for the try.


Can't do system restore, even if you go to 'rstrui.exe'. Same message box as on most everything else.
Thanks for the thought.


Hi Mike, what did you finally do as a resolution? I came across your posting, as today my PC suddenly did the same thing. (and I have SystemSuite5.0 as well, and it's the only icon available on my taskbar).



This is the second time this problem has happened to me on the same computer.

It is a young boy's computer who only plays CD-Rom games for the most part.

Upgrade won't work, and re-install in the only solution I have found, but now I am concerned because only 3 months later the problem has happened again.

Is it a virus?

Thanks for the tips.



HI Mike, I just happen to be online right now.

I never have found out *why* this happened, but it happened to me twice as well.

The first time, I found that I was able to revert back to an earlier copy of my registry files that SystemSuite had, and everything was working again.

The second time, last month, Systemsuite didn't have any backups. However, I had a copy of my entire drive on a second system (not a "backup" but I use Restrospect software to do periodic copies of my drive). What I ended up doing was copying the registry files from that second drive onto the first drive, restarted, and voila, everything was fine again.

I had run SystemSuite clean-up (just basic cache cleanup, not registry cleanup) both times just prior to the issue. SystemSuite guys claim that it's not their software, that there must be some virus activated when it is deleted.

I dunno, but I'd recommend backing up your systems for future remedy.

This is the second time this problem has happened to me on the same computer.

It is a young boy's computer who only plays CD-Rom games for the most part.

Upgrade won't work, and re-install in the only solution I have found, but now I am concerned because only 3 months later the problem has happened again.

Is it a virus?

Thanks for the tips.



Thanks for the response.

I am am going to heed your advice and try one of those programs.

In the end if all I have to do is swap the REG it wouldn't be such a big deal if it happens again. The key is to be prepared.




Solution Found!!!!


Error: "This file doesn't have a file associated with it . . . "

You installed a Norton 2006 program and restarted the computer. Now, when you try to start any program, you see the error message: "This file doesn't have a file associated with it, so before starting this process, create an association in the folder options in Control Panel . . ."

If you try to open the Windows Control Panel, it does not open completely.

As part of these instructions, you will restart your computer. We suggest that you print this page now so that you do not lose these instructions.

Section 1: Start the computer in Safe Mode with Command Prompt
Start the computer in Safe Mode with Command Prompt so that you can make some needed changes to Windows settings.

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. At the black screen, press the F8 key.
  3. In the Windows Advanced Options menu, press the arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
  4. Press Enter. If you see a log on screen, log on as a user who has administrator rights.
  5. Go to the next section.

Section 2: Fix Windows settings
Make sure that specific Windows settings are correct.

  1. Type the following on the black screen:


  2. Press Enter.
  3. In the registry editor, click HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.


  4. On the Edit menu, click Permissions.
  5. In the Permissions for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT box, click Add.


  6. In the Select Users or Groups box, click Advanced.


  7. Click Find Now.


  8. Next, press and hold down the Ctrl key. While you hold down the key, first click Administrators and then click SYSTEM so that both are highlighted.
    You may have to use the right-hand scroll arrows to get to SYSTEM.
    The two pictures that follow show these two items highlighted.
    These two entries will be in a long set of entries.


  9. After both Administrators and SYSTEM are highlighted, click OK.
  10. When the Select Users or Groups box opens, make sure that both <computer name>\Administrator and SYSTEM are shown in the white box. Then click OK.
    In the example given here, <computer name> is WINDOWS XP.


  11. In the Security tab, in the Group or use names box , highlight Administrators. Then check Full Control and Read.


  12. With the box still open, highlight SYSTEM and check Full Control and Read.
  13. Click OK to save the changes.
  14. Restart the computer.

Product(s): Installer, Norton AntiVirus 2006, Norton Internet Security 2006, Norton SystemWorks 2006
Date Created: 10/13/2005

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