I had an OEM version of XP pro and serial key together in my laptop case which was stolen recently from my car.

The lapt top and case have recently been recovered by the police but the XP pro disc and the serial key have not. I have found the serial key using a program but I need to know if there is any legitmate way of obtaining a replacement disc without having to buy a new OEM copy. I did write to microsoft explaining what had happened but they advised that as it was an OEM version they cannot supply a replacement disc.

Lesson no.1. Don't leave laptops in the back of your car.

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Thanks in advance


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If you have the CD key write it down and don't lose it. Microsoft is correct - they are not obligated to provide support service. the OEM manufacturer that the license is tied to is obligated for that.

However, there is a way around your problem if you can find a friend who will allow you to copy their Windows XP Pro CD. The only time you will have problems using a different XP Pro CD is when it comes time to re-activate the installation. Follow this procedure.

* Install or reinstall using a copy of your friend's XP Pro, and your friend's CD key.
* DO NOT choose to activate via the internet.
* When you activate choose to do so by telephone. As long as the regional settings have been correctly set during installation, you will be presented with a toll free number to call.
* Explain the situation clearly to the Activation support person. Ensure that you explain that you have used a friend' CD to install because yours was stolen, and that you wish to change the CD key to your own during the activation.
* Follow the instructions carefully. There is a button on the telephone activation screen where you enter your own CD key and this enables you to activate it with your own license.
* If you are required to use the Windows CD at any stage for copying files to your PC, you can safely use the copy of your friend's CD.


Thanks Catweazle

very much appreciated.


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