I have a Dell Inspirtion 8200. When I first boot up my computer I have a small Dell Welcome Screen Popup and a Large Black Box Around the rest of the screen. My actual Desktop Screen is the same way unless I change the screen resolution to 1600 by 1200. Even when I play games it still does the same thing it puts the games into that small box even when I choose full screen. My computer did not use to do this. Can anyone please help??

Is this a laptop or LCD monitor? Does the monitor have any controls that might change the resolution? Go to Desktop Properties and then to the Settings tab, were you usually change the resolution. Click the Advanced button. On the General tab, try changing the DPI setting.

Thank you for replying scsgal. I am using a laptop. Here is what happened so I can give you some understanding. I used a piece of software that would let you change the logon screen. Everything went well. However one day my computer messed up and I did a complete system restore and well when it started back up after the restore my computer screen was much smaller. Than usual. I could always user 600 by 800 and my entire screen was always used during this setting. Now when it changed to 800 by 600 the entire desktop screen shrinks and leaves a Large Black Box around the desktop.

Yeah, and after you've installed the video drivers, make sure you set the system to its optimal resolution.

According to spec, it should be set to one of these resolutions:
15" SXGA+ (1400x1050)
15" UXGA (1600x1200)
15" UXGA ASV(1600x1200)

If it's set any lower, it won't look right. Granted, setting the Resolution as high as is recommended, the icons and everything will small, but any lower resolution will not encompass the entire screen area.

I didn't think it was reccommended to run at the highest resolution for a long periods of time !

Thanks everyone for all the help and information. Another dell user told me that when my laptop starts up and if I see a small dell startup screen (which I did) that the two keys for me to press is my (FN) + (F7) keys and this would correct the problem. Oddly dell does not give this information in there user guides, but is a very well known common problem. However it worked and my screen returned to full size. So in case you see another dell user with the same problem just tell them to press those two keys.

This setting can also be changed in the BIOS on some Dell systems

Marking as solved :)

hello wonderful people I wish I had your smarts.my problem is my logon screen has changed to a small box in the middle of a black screen and when I click to switch user it just gives the option of loging off I have no idea how to correct this but it seems the screen is similar to one you get like in a cafe.please help me I know you guys are really busy.I would be most grateful.