OK.... where to start. I originally had 2 vista installations on the same computer in order to test out different builds. Mainly to have a partition to play around in. But I haven't used it in a while. So I decide to resize the partition and delete the other half. But..... one file in an XP system folder won't delete or let it format (adobe crap) sooo While i have no patience instead of taking the ownership or other various means of solving the problem I decide to use partition magic to delete it and resize my HDD. I was not thinking and knew better but did it anyway.
And my fears that I had imagined as soon as i pressed the apply button manifested themself.

Can't reinstall the boot loader ( or I do and it doesn't work)
Startup repair is worthless (says it has fixed a partition problem but doesn't)

You guys got any Idea? BTW I installed vista on a second HDD and found that I could link that bootldr to the original and Boot correctly but not without the second install.

There is another post out here on this... saying that Vista puts some boot related files in the "primary" partition, and that if you delete that first partition, as you suggested you did, you've lost the boot files. I'd try the Partition Magic program to see if you can format that first partition, OR try the Boot Magic programs to see if you can either repair it, or install the PowerQuest Boot Magic program to get around it. Don;t you love Microsoft ?