friends, One day when I start my computer it directly goes to BIOS setup (2nd) screen in which a message appears that during the last bootup the system hung up due to wrong selection of CPU speed and the selection is on the CPU speed which has three options (Manual, 1600 and 2130 Htz.... for my computer) when I choose 1600 and save changes and exit the system returns to the desktop but after a minute ot two it agains restart for three to four times after that it hungs up with a long and intermediate beeps of 5-6 seconds, this process continues for 4-5 attempt but after that blue screen which shows some of the registry files may corrupted. I want to re-load win-XP again to my computer but I fails because each and every time after a minute or two blue screen re-appears and shows different registry files got corrupted. But now I am even unable to re-start my computer and nothing happens when I swith ON, other then the long beeps one after another and nothing displays in the monitor Do any one suggest / help me to find out what I have to do ?

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(suggestion)Sounds like someone went into your BIOS and tryed to overclock it to quick or as a prank.
Is this a name brand comp like dell,hp,macin,compaq,E machine.ect.....?
How long has it been since you have done a reinstall or repair?
Or it could be a nasty virus or a back door entry.


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LoL oh!!!!!!!!!!! Still not used to this site. I didn't automatically look at/ or check the date!




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Hi zsanjeev.
I suggest you look up what the beeps mean before going further. The beeps generally indicate a hardware error which you must fix before considering fixing Windows. Just Google "beep codes" to find plenty of information sites about this.
If the beep codes indicates memory problems, try removing and then re-seating the memory cards. Sometimes the connections just get a bit tarnished and re-seating cures the problem.
As regards processor speed, set it to the slowest for now until you have sorted everything else. Then you can investigate if it can be set faster.
Hope that helps!

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