I just installed windows XP, and installed SP2. The problem is when i Try to play a game(that worked fine with ME) a dialogue box pops up and tells me my system does not support direct x 8.0 or higher. Im sure it does, since I downloaded SP 2. Well i went to the microsoft site and downloaded the program that downloads direct x 9.0 but it tells me that I already have it, so what is going on here? Thanks in advance

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could it be your graphics card? i have onboard intel gfx on my laptop running XP SP2 and it runs dx 9 apps ok! if your gfx card is getting old it might not be able to run directx at certain versions. If the problem persists have you tried to see if the game will run using OpenGL? btw what game is it? this problem could require just downloading the latest drivers for the card...

what is openGL, it cant be the graphics card, because i just installed XP today and the game ran awesome on windows ME. It is called soldat, it is not a retail game, its a game you download, if ya wanna look at it you can go here www.soldat.pl how do you download drivers for your graphics card?

To check what graphics card you have:
right click on My Computer
select Properties from the menu.
Click on the Hardware tab at the top of the window.
Click on Device manager.
Within the new window, click the + next to Display Adapters.
This will display your graphics card (usually manufacturer followed by the model)
e.g. nVidia Geforce FX 5700

To obtain drivers for the major graphics card manufacturers, follow these links:

nVidia based graphics cards:

ATi based graphics cards:

Hope these help. If the problem persists, just post again :)

Ok I went and I downloaded an older video driver and now it runs perfectly, weird, it must have been the game huh?

sounds like its fixed tho. its ALWAYS a good idea to update your drivers regularly. Games that work on older windows arnt garunteed to work on newer versions of windows without patches / drivers. I cant run Dungeon Keeper on XP anymore for that same reason!

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