I stumbled upon this program called SphereXP which is basically a 3D desktop replacement for Windows XP. http://www.hamar.sk/sphere/

If you take a look at the screenshots they look pretty awesome => http://www.hamar.sk/sphere/sphereshots.htm

Now I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this program? When the windows are in cool 3D mode, are they really just still "screenshots" of the apps or can you actually use them while they're floating like that?

Alternatively, for those Unix people out there, Sun Microsystems is developing a Java (yuck!) based desktop environment that is completely in 3D => http://wwws.sun.com/software/looking_glass/index.html

But of course that is just a rant considering this is the WinXP forum afterall ... so back to comments about SphereXP it is!

Hmmm. Maybe I'll install it on something just to see what it does....but frankly, I have enough trouble working in 2D space. ;)

looks like screenshots going from the video. But im going to try it out anyhoo :)

Imnot one to talk, but whats the point?, im sure it will run up resources. lol. LOTS, not sure but when you think of it my friends have a hard enough time maintaining 2 open windows, 1 browser, and winamp. A 3d GUI, is very creative, and sexy but does it lag up your resources (has any oen tried it?). Technology isnt all about looks. hehe. Unless its *nix!

(sorry there is ne edit button) i looked at the screen shots later that night, it looks very interesting. Also it seems to change the whole shell, so its more then just a new desktop were it appears 3d.

Ive been testing it for a few days now - its pretty cool, but lacks features which i think would make me want to use it for regular use - because its still a beta. But im still going to keep on using until i forget about it.......see how it goes.

At least it looked better than the Java Desktop that Dani mentioned... :(

Where's a smiley for someone puking?


I cannot think of a better way to waste processor cycles!

But looking at the screen shots, a lot of them have a blue Apple in the upper left hand corner.... I wonder how that happened...


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