:-/ I have this weird problem with the pics in my folder..i have them a lot,and they are all scrambled..i wanted to sort them out in the folders,but when i was looking at them (folder view was set to 'Thumbnails') thumbnails of pictures were displaying one picture,and when i opened one of the pictures with 'Windows picture and fax viewer' it displayed another picture :| different from the one thumbnail was displaying..and,the worst thing is-that's the case with most of my pictures...thumbnail displays one,and when opened -there is another...please does somebody knows how can i repair this?:$



Show hidden files and folders (under tools -> folder options) then delete the thumbs.db files in the directories. Then it will recreate the thumbnails.

i've done it..but no help..problem stays.

i've deleted thumbs in main directory,and in all subfolders..

..first i thought it didn't because eveything stayed the same,but then i went to tools -> folder options and changed back folder options and checked the boxs 'do not cache thumbnails'..who knows,maybe it helped too..