I thought I'd clean up my boss's Win 2k puter because it was slowing down so much, so I thought since I knew all the users on our network, and he had heaps more than that.

So I deleted a whole load of them.

And now his puter doesn' connect the network, and no internet. And most of his icons on the desktop don't show up.

I read http://support.microsoft.com/kb/840001 and totally don't understand any of it.

I mean like I put all the users back in from his Documents and Settings folder. I just totally don't get all that ManagedBy and MemberOf stuff.

We're all just in a Users Group called WORKGROUP. How hard is that?

But I remember last week I started the network and his puter had some kind of error like checksum or something, and said it was "going to load the default something-or-other" Hit F1 to continue.

I was thinking maybe if I could find that. And load it. It'd bring my boss's puter back to before I deleted his stuff?

Please help, it's the weekend now, and I need to fix it before he gats back to work Monday. Or I'm totally cooked.



did you delete his folder in docs and settings?

Nup -- see what happened is this.

His puter is really slow these days, so I thought I'd surprise him and fix it.

So I checked all the TuneUp Utilities stuff then I went in and saw there were so many users in Control Panel | Users and Passwords.

Heaps of them, and lots not recogniseable, so I deleted them coz I thought they might be trojans and that's why his puter is so slow.

But I was wrong. But I didn't delete anything from the hard drive. I figured is it can't get on the network and therefore the internet, I just need to restore the old users but can't figure it out

Ok, you said you ahve TuneUp Utilities?
In the top right corner, there should be a button that says restore or something to that effect. Does it? If not, what version TuneUp are you using?


It's there, and it's got everything for the past two weeks!!!!!

You're a genuis! I'm SO impressed.

Thanks for that -- you're the best Duki!

Cyn xxx

Glad I could help! :)