Here is my situation, every time I open Office word 2007 and work on it, in a matter of few seconds a get an error and it says ¨office word had stop working and needs to close¨ and then shuts down. same thing happens with excel 2007. I have a student legal version, so it´s not crack or illegal. please can anybody help. Just so you know is in the spanish version, but I´m perfectly bilingual, I´m just helping my folks in their computer. Also so you know, I´ve uninstall and re-installed it, also installed office 2003 same probelm, so I installed office 2007 again. Please Help anybody.

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As a temporary measure you could try use OpenOffice instead (free office suite). Unfortunately I don't really have a solution to your problem, I would suggest google, or hopefully somebody else can help you out.


what are the specs of the machine

Here we go, It´s a Dell Core Duo E4600 2.4GHZ--2Gb of memory running Window Vista Business, and ti be honest I don´t fell like formating. please any help will do. thanks a lot for any help.


Finally, problem solved, no other option but to re-format, and fixed the problem. Thanks to all the help though.

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