HI all,
Oops - My win98se/2kPro dual system at home was running fine (service packed and updated to the hilt) until I installed a new graphics card (Radeon 9600 128MB) - now -
Win2k - no problem - all working
Win98Se - NOT happy.

So - anyone know if I can reinstall win98 without destroying my win 2k install?

I know I can replace the boot.ini and ntldr files after re-installing win98, but is this enough? I haven't used any third-party dual-booting software, so I know (well, believe anyway) that my MBR should be OK (am I right this just tells the BIOS what partitions exist and where?)

I've worked pretty hard getting win2k to work well, and really dont want to put it at risk.


PS - sorry I've been absent so long - gonna try to be a lil useful round here now I know some more stuff.

PPS - Dani - love the new look site.

In Windows 98:

In Display properties Uninstall the display adaptor from device manager.
Reboot, cancel out of any hardware detection stuff, and then install Catalyst drivers for your Radeon card.

Sorry - maybe I should have mentioned - already tried that - and a whole bunch of other stuff into the bargain. Radeon Catalyst drivers will now no longer either uninstall or re-install due to a crash which occurred mid-uninstall. I'm having to sit through a whole bunch of "the file ######.vxd is refferred to in the registry or in system.ini but cannot be found" type messages.

When I say win98 is messed up I mean MESSED up - hence the desire to re-install it.

I am presently suffering multiple failures in...
catawbsound.exe ???
various other programs at random
and most puzzling of all, a program which task manager refuses to name at all...

But thanks anyway catweazle....