Each time I use the back button it refreshes the page I'm navigating back to. This makes for slow page load. It's like I'm opening the page for the first time again. I also loose some information that may have been on the page. If I'm surfing Ebay and check the description of an item, then go back to the page of listings, it refreshes and I loose any listings that may have ended while on another page. This is true with other web sites as well.

Is there a setting I need to set or change? This used to not happen.

Thanks in advance.

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Refer to the question IE closes down when clicking a link. That may help your problem. Hope so.........peace.......im out

I have the same problem and the regsvr thing didn't work. I also have another problem, (running Maxthon 1.3.1), it continuously changes my damn Text Size everytime I click on some links. This is annoying, and NO I'm not "accidently" holding ctrl and scrolling my mouse.

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