I'm using a laptop with the below listed configuartion
Processor - AMD Turion 64
RAM - 512 DDR
Hdisk - 60GB
OS - Microsoft Windows XP Home
The problem i'm facing is when using Turbo C++ the processor utilization is 100% and
the machine is very slow,only when loading this particular application i'm facing this issue.
When exited from the application the utilization comes down.
Please help me.

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Actually, what you're experiencing is perfectly normal. I don't know why, but running any 16 bit task seems to eat up CPU time like crazy. If anyone else can explain why this happens, I'm all ears.


when an application starts loading the processor utilization may shown as 100% as described earlier but normally it comes down after the application is fully loaded into memory,but in my case the percentage of utilization comes down only when the application quits and when it is open the machine is deadly slow.

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