First I apologize if I'm in the wrong area. I'm new.

I am running Vista Home Premium on a Dell XPS410.

I have BitDefender Internet Security 2009. After running the program without problem or incident for some time, suddenly the scan results were telling me that some files were not scanned because they are password protected. I hadn't made any changes to my system so I found this puzzling.

I wrote to BitDefender tech support and they asked me for logs. That is when I found out I don't have any logs. My scans are all listed in history, but when I click on one and then select Show Log, instead of my browser opening with the log information for a particular scan, my Windows Explorer window opens and shows nothing.

I am very disappointed in that I am not getting very good response from BitDefender, and I am concerned that the program is apparently not generating logs of my scans. I went to C/Program Files/BitDefender/Logs and that folder is empty.

Can anyone offer me any advise or direction here? I would surely appreciate it.

Thank you.

The Logs could be hidden files.

Open the folder where the logs should be.
Press the "Alt" key to show the menu bar.
Select "Tools" and "Folder Options".
Under the "View" Tab Select "Show Hidden Files and Folders"
Press OK

If the logs are there but hidden they should be visible now.

I was so hoping you might have given me the solution, but it didn't work. When I went to View/Folder Options, I discovered I already had it checked to "Show hidden files and folders."

It just does not make sense that there are no logs available. Any other ideas?

Thanks for your time.